2022 Water Festival Dates
& Early Bird Tickets Now Available

May 26-30th | Jun 30th-Jul 4th | Sept 1-5th | Oct 13-16th

Speakers, Workshops and Music Line Ups TBD

(For a sneak peak, 
look at our list of speakers & event details from October '21 below!)

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dr leonard horowitz

Dr. Leonard Horowitz
'528hz Prosperity Key of Love'

veda austin

Veda Austin
'The Secret Intelligence
of Water'

dr daryl wolfe

Dr. Darrell Wolfe
'Doc of Detox'

A Solutions-Oriented Gathering of Co-Creators
To Unite the World Wide Water Tribe 
& Build a New Earth...

Join us in person
watch the entire weekend 
of speakers and artists 
as we integrate 
Tradition & Technology to set a foundation for our New Earth Communities...

As we come together in JOY & LOVE... to share the tools and information of how to live a healthy, happy & self-healing life... we create a powerful foundation for building 
the New Heaven on Earth!

 You will learn about the healing power of Water, Sound & Light 
and how they help our body to harmonize with the environment
which we create with our thoughts/words/prayers to manifest our reality!

 So lets’ Co~Create something Great!
Let us speak and share our solutions for this time of great change...
and create A New Heaven on Earth for ALL to ENJOY!!!

Join us in person
watch the entire weekend of speakers and artists LIVE & STREAMING online

as we integrate Tradition & Technology 
to set a foundation for our New Earth Communities...

As we come together in JOY & LOVE... to share the tools and information of how to live a healthy, happy & self-healing life... we create a powerful foundation for building 
the New Heaven on Earth!

 You will learn about the healing power of Water, Sound & Light 
and how they help our body to harmonize with the environment
which we create with our thoughts/words/prayers to manifest our reality!

 So lets’ Co~Create something Great!
Let us speak and share our solutions for this time of great change...
and create A New Heaven on Earth for ALL to ENJOY!!!

Our Sacred Sanctuary for the Weekend

In the Ancient 
Appalachian Mountains of 
Western North Carolina

October 28th- October 31st 2021
Burnsville, NC

Event Venue:
6666 Double Island Rd
Green Mountain, NC

For our guests joining the fun in person, you'll breathe in pristine mountain air on 70 acres of rolling meadows, mountain views & forest along the Toe River in  Burnsville, NC 

Walk through the Pine Grove amidst our Vendors Village and take in the local crafts and wares made here in these mountains, take a dip in the Toe River or circle up around a communal fire and meet your neighbors.

Throughout the day and into the night... Local bands and DJs will keep us dancing and connecting through the beats.

Join us in the 80s costume dance party Saturday night & Karaoke Sing Along!

If you can't make it out in person... live stream all of our speakers and music artists with an online ticket.

Activities & Events


I,Star's dynamic folk/hip-hop style combines singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon's expressive acoustic guitar and vocal melodies with emcee/producer Truth-I Manifest's poignant lyricism and diverse styles of hip-hop production. They have defined their own folk-hop genre for 15 years with consistently powerful original songs and uplifting messages, gathering recognition for their songcrafting and poetics as they bear keen commentary on personal and global transformation, ancient prophetic wisdom, stewardship of the Earth, social justice, and Love amidst it all. 
New album "Cycles," as well as debut album "Music and the Mood," and "Music and the Mood (Acoustic)" streaming at:
Franklin's Kite is an eclectic five piece band, hailing from western North Carolina...comprised of two guitars, violin, bass, drums, and lots of vocals . With rock being too general a term, the band's sound encompasses a variety of styles. Relying mostly on original work, the band also adds its flavor to a variety of tasty covers. The Kite flies high and when lightning strikes Creatively unpredictable but always an electrifying experience!

Kite members' varying musical stories make for a stylistically unique blend, leading down a winding, often unpredictable path to ecstatic jubilation...

Life Like Water is a multi-colored, intricately woven tapestry of sounds. With a focus on hypnotic rhythms, elegant vocal harmonies, and melodies that contain flavors of Africa, Ireland and the Middle East, the music of this eclectic quartet is sure to uplift and inspire. 


Elon DeHaro

Elon DeHaro is a musician of world music, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, who journeyed into music with travels across Europe and the Americas. His transportive style takes listeners on a voyage with evocative tones, eclectic sound and inspiring melodies. His music weaves together a tapestry of European, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Oriental and Gypsy influence.

Solo Acoustic Album

YouTube Channel - Music of DeHaro


Community Kitchen & Cooking Stations

Want to make your own meals but don't feel like hauling out an entire camping kitchen set up?

We'll have a community kitchen set up with several stations - so that you can bring your own food, or purchase it from one of our local farmers in the vendor village - and do what has united communities since time immemorial by cooking and sharing meals together.

Family Camping & Kids Stage

Our children are the future, and we want them to follow our actions in showing them how to co-create their OWN festival!

In addition to yard games and space to run and play in nature, kids will have their very own stage to re-create their own talent shows, songs, dances, and share their skills and interests with their new friends!

& Mom's & Dads, don't worry - we've picked out a choice section of camping area for your family that will be separate from our night owls and late night activities so that you can turn in early.


Join us for Chocolate Church on Sunday - Sacred Cacao Ceremony by Silvermoon Chocolate


Salome Mossman
Heart Based Bliss

Salome Mossman is an ayurvedic health practitioner and massage therapist, with a background in nursing. 

Growing up in a natural environment in Basel, Switzerland, she learned to cherish Mother Earth from a young age. 


She became a licensed massage therapist in 2007 and has been in private practice since.

 Her journey into Ayurveda – the traditional medicine of India – began after her second home birth in 2013, when she dove into Ayuryoga and received her 200RYT in early 2015.

 She completed 650 hours of study under Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, prior to receiving her diploma in 2018 as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner at New World Ayurveda with Dr. Paul Dugliss. She also received her Transformational Coach and Counselor diploma as well as certified Heart Based Meditation Instructor through New World Ayurveda in 2019 and has been studying consciousness since.

Observing another being's shift and opening to light is her greatest honor. 

She offers counseling sessions in-person or via zoom.

In her massage practice, she specializes in pain treatment and in deeply grounding the nervous system. In addition to deep tissue, fascial release and cranial-sacral work, she may include the use of CBD, essential oils and ayurvedic blends, according to each client’s individual needs.

Salome’s goal for the Truth Seekers Water Festival is to support you in opening your heart-space to experience the wholeness, joy and love you truly are.  

She feels honored to be part of this event and is looking forward to sharing a guided practice of mindfulness, with an integration and rest period.

At this festival, you can find Salome at her booth sharing her massage skills, mini ayurvedic sessions, and homemade seasonal treats, herbs and hot tea.

Salome can be reached through her website at www.Salomemossman.com

William G. Pagan
Didgeridoo & Sound Healer

Greetings! I AM William G Pagan III. Frequency is the medium where my passion lies. By opening ourselves to the natural frequencies of the universe we channel the inner work that craves our attention. We become the vessel through which universe speaks and shares itself. The tool used during the process are didgeridoo, metal bowls, rattles, frame drum and crystal pyramid. All of these instruments help to create and harness our inner guidance and higher self. 

Music has been part of my journey for the last 9 years and as a sound Alchemist the past 5 years. This is the first process I fully dedicated myself to. No shortcuts. All hard work.

By using these instruments we realign the water in the blood to the frequencies. By doing this it changes the water into the frequencies and pushes out what does not resonate on the same frequency. That is the science behind it all. My personal practice is an intuitive approach. It allows for the natural flow of energies and connection. 
I am looking forward to sharing these arts and practices with you. 

Love & Gratitude - William G

Jana White Raven
Vibrational Healing
& Kundalini Yoga

Once I discovered the healing power of the gong and its vibrations and sounds, there was no turning back. I have experienced gong immersions and other sacred sound meditations for over 10 years and have been facilitating gong baths and immersions since 2012. With a life-long love of music and singing, playing the gong came about naturally for me. I have found it to be a way to put to sound and vibration a lot of my spiritual thoughts and practices. True to the nature of all things Spiritual, when I begin to think that I am playing the Gong, She takes on tones and forms of her own, letting me know that, in that moment, what is needed is beyond what I am doing. It is coming straight from the Heart of the Divine.

I'm so grateful to be given this gift and ability and am honored to have the opportunity to share this Sacred Sound & Vibrational Healing with others.

Jana White Raven Vibrational Healing Facilitator Ayurvedic Health Educator Kundalini Yoga Instructor Massage Therapist "May your experience of the Gong bring you into knowing your true nature as part and whole of the Divine." Have questions? Want a private session?

Feel free to contact me via FB @iamtheraven1, email at iamwhiteraven@gmail.com, or text me on telegram @janawhiteraven

Dr. Gwendolyn McClure, Ph.D. 
Vocal Sound Healer

Gwendolyn’s Vocal Sound Healing groups and private sessions are designed to reignite human cellular memories of the healing power of the human voice.

Humans innately know how to passively receive and actively express song & free-
form vocal sounds for inspiration, clearing, grounding, and healing along one’s

Spiritual Journey. Soulful vocal release deepens our human connection to Earth
and The Divine.

Her theoretical dissertation weaves together the three disparate fields of Jungian Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, and Music Therapy--with the sub-field of Voice Therapy. The first dissertation written in the world on this topic, this academic work is entitled: “A Cross-Cultural, Interdisciplinary Study of the Healing Power of Singing and Vocal Sounding” (Pacifica, 1998). In her
Dissertation she describes how from time immemorial Indigenous peoples have used Vocal Sound and Singing in community gatherings and with individual medicine men/women & shamans to initiate transformative healing experiences. Email Gwendolyn for a Dissertation copy: Gwendolyn@vocalsoundhealer.com

Greta Lee
Hatha Yoga 
& Healing Arts

I give thanks and honor the lineage of all of my yoga teachers. Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyenger, Kundalini, & Krirpala traditions have all woven my path. I am grateful for the privilege of learning from all movement instructors. Healers, PE coaches, track, gymnastics, skate-dance, swim, dance,
Thai chi, Qigong instructors. Weaving these experiences into a timeless immersion helps us remember the joy of movement and the balance of stillness.

“We awaken our awareness of breath, engage in the meta and honor our bodies as temples. 
I offer you to share the joy of yoga for the purpose of transformation.”

Studies in Thai Yoga, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Yoga Therapy, plant spirit medicine, apitherapy (Mellissa) gardening, planting trees, and Mayan calendar flavor my water, scent my experience of being a Hatha yoga instructor.

Aranyani W3ndy Lyria
Sonic Alchemy

Galactic Starseed Intuitive, new PYRADYM grandMOTH3r of Fr3qu3ncy, Ordained Minister. Professional Dowser, Carolina HERstorian, Water ceremonialist, Appalachian dance and the Sonic Alchemist.

Aranyani, (Incarnated Soul Aspect of Lady MediNINA Shekinah of The Pleiades) known as Wendy Owens was born and raised in the Southern Appalachian mountains.

She had her first Star family encounter when she was 4 yrs old. In 2005 She had a huge pineal gland Awakening that shifted her consciousness and changed her life that personified the Electronic Awakening.

She is a grassroots, hOMegrown Visionary for New Earth and sees the oneness in HUEmanity.
She has a background in commUNITY and co-creative development, a former ambient musician in a planetarium, experienced in the electronic music industry, bio-resonance and a quantum techKNOWLEDGEst from OHM to OM.

She has hosted transformative music and indigenous gatherings alike including “Zenergy” Asheville’s Starseed gathering on 11-11-11.

She has been holding a huge vision for the Awakening and healing of the South in the oldest piezo electronic mountain ranges on the planet.

In 2018 she reconnected with her twin soul flame Adrigon.They are currently working on envisioning New Earth.

Both of the Xennial generation and hold a collective vision for Greening the grid, elevating the frequency of the planet and raising the vibration in awareness of consciousness as galactic ambBASSadors here to r3sonat3 chang3.

Community Leaders & Speakers

Dr. Leonard Horowitz
'528hz Prosperity Key of Love

Dr. Horowitz is an internationally-recognized genius in the arts and sciences of natural healing whose Harvard training, four decades of public health service, thousands of Internet publications, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles, twenty-one (21) award-winning books, and seven (7) documentary films, has made him the world’s most prolific and best credential champion of natural medicine and “frequency rehabilitation.” Dr. Horowitz has been at the forefront of shattering the addictive and damaging “drug paradigm” for nearly forty (40) years.

Dr. Horowitz will join us in the Discussion to answer any questions in regards to his array of work, contributions & earth changing resolutions. We are beyond Blessed & Honored to have our Brother, Leader, Braveheart, Believer & Co~Creator of the New Heaven on Earth with us in the Life Changing Water Festival.

Veda Austin
'The Secret Intelligence
of Water'

 Veda is a water researcher, public speaker, mother, artist and author. She has dedicated the last 8 years observing and photographing the life of water. She believes that water is fluid intelligence, observing itself through every living organism on the planet and in the Universe. 

Her primary area of focus is photographing water in its ‘state of creation’, the space between liquid and ice. It is through her remarkable crystallographic photos that water reveals its awareness of not only Creation, but thought and intention through imagery. 

Veda sees water as Source rather than a resource, and considers all bodies of water to be sacred.  She loves to reconnect children to the living water systems inside and outside of their bodies, believing that the 'tamariki' (children) are the water bearers of the future. 


Dr. Darrell Wolfe
'Doc of Detox'

Dr. Darrell Wolfe Ac. PhD. DNM. DHS. has 40 years of experience in natural medicine as a medical intuitive and is known as the ‘Doc of Detox’.

He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Services (DHS), certified with the Board of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Wolfe is a professor and the director of the prestigious International Training Institute of Health that offers unique breakthrough training and certification courses to all sectors of the public and professional health community.

The International Training Institute of Health is a registered training institution under the World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Daniel James
Economics for the New Earth

As a millennial teenager with access to the internet and all of its rabbit holes, Daniel accidentally stumbled upon the hidden reality of our fraudulent monetary system and has spent the past 15 years looking for solutions and ways out of the financial and legal matrix.

It turns out, solutions have been hiding in plain sight for as long as there has been a billionaire class needing to hide its money.

The playbook of the Rockefellers is now in the hands of Humanity and can be used for the highest good in building a New Earth. 

Rather than hiding dirty money in secrecy, we can positively wield the power of trusts in a charitable and spiritual capacity to enable our communities & the small businesses and entrepreneurs that make them, with powerful private protections that allow us to carry on our business irrespective of the mandates and false 'law' of statutes that have slowly encroached and usurped the principles of Natural Law that sustain our Freedom. 

No longer does service to self before others in the form of profit and selfish gain need to drive our economic models, when we can exist as stewards and trustees, with the global Earth community as our beneficiaries we can take our role as caretakers as intended in the Divine Natural Law that comes from our Creator and exit the Jurisdiction of the Legal Matrix.

Kimberly Taylor
'The Language of Water'

Experience a visceral presentation in "The Language of Water & how it connects US ALL". Sharing information & tools of why it's Vital to know the Source of your Water, Food/Medicine (because food IS medicine at its highest and purest potential) and Information which is frequency = Sound & Light. 

 Showing how Water, Sound & Light are our foundational tools for co-creating on a higher vibration, helping one understand this information deep within which allows one to live in TRUE FREEDOM!!! 

Patrick Durken 
The Wellness Enterprise

A calling to make plastic water bottles obsolete has turned into a life dedicated to creating a world of Love and Oneness.

Fueled by unrelenting passion, Patrick Durkin is on a mission to uplift humanity. He will support you to awaken your super powers through immersion in living water, quantum physics, and loving all that is. He is the founder of The Wellness Enterprise, Inc., Water Magic 101, GodSelf University the author of Flow: From Pure and Safe Water to Higher States of Consciousness and the creator of the Aqua Energizer structured water brand, the first structured water device certified and verified to create H3O2 structured water.

As a public speaker, Patrick has supported tens of thousands of people to understand how to benefit from and integrate structured water into their lives.

Dr. Kieran Kuykendall
Life Empowered

Dr. Kuykendall's breakdown was his greatest breakthrough! At 19 years of age, Dr. Kuykendall was suffering with severe chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, pain, insomnia and anxiety. With medications only making him sicker, too weak and depressed to care for himself, he almost took his own life. He found an incredible doctor, who later became his mentor, who looked at his underlying issue, created a plan and took action. On this remarkable journey, he passionately sought solutions on all levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — to learn how to empower himself, his community and the planet.

Dr. Kuykendall’s postdoctoral training includes thousands of hours in the fields of functional medicine, transformational coaching, quantum neurology, applied kinesiology, cutting edge nutritional interventions, laser therapy, emotional release techniques, and functional chiropractic neurology. This is only the beginning…

Today, Dr. Kuykendall’s heart is in transformational life coaching and adventure coaching. He offers a truly holistic approach by combining being a doctor, mentor and a coach. Guided from the heart and focused on holding his clients to the standards of their own Divine excellence, Dr. Kuykendall offers a powerful, focused and joy-filled way to help people return to the remembering of why they are truly here. What is the joy inside you that you want to get out, that you HAVE to get out? With Dr. K as your guide, he will help you identify the biggest rocks in your backpack. When you remove those rocks, you are able to quickly gain momentum and power with far less time and financial expense.

It is Dr. Kuykendall’s mission to help you remove the physical, mental and emotional blockages that keep you from getting from where you are to where you want and NEED to be to fulfill your powerful life purpose!

”I know that the world needs YOU to be empowered and passionate and on fire for life. That is why we’re all here and this is how we change a world!”


Tika Vales Caldwell
Living Design Technology

Native New Orleanian Tika Vales Caldwell is passionate about health, wellness,
and creating optimal healing environments. A nationally respected designer and
healing arts practitioner with 35 years of experience, Tika assists individuals and
businesses in alleviating electro and geopathic stress, optimizing external
energetic patterns, and creating optimal health potential. In collaboration with
leading-edge scientists and engineers, she has developed a product line of
energetic tools that utilize ancient wisdom and modern technology to reduce
stress and increase balance and harmony in both environmental and personal

Tika holds a B.A. in Education from Alfred University with an emphasis in
environmental studies and is certified in a variety of health, wellness, and
transformation modalities. She holds a masters in BrainState Technologies TM
brain balancing, is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and is a certified
Master Practitioner in the Art of Becoming Your Best Self TM.

Tika apprenticed for five years with Dr. Gene Basin, the creator of the Art of
Becoming personal transformation system. Dr. Basin holds a doctorate in clinical
hypnotherapy and published the two-volume “Art of Becoming — Theory and
Practice” book with a nine CD audio series. In addition, Tika apprenticed for ten
years with Rev. Shirley Saylors Clarkson, BSRN. Shirley is a pastoral minister
and health and wellness counselor who was one of the original charter members
for the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Since 2000, Tika has received extensive training from two thought leaders in the
fields of BioGeometry and subtle energy: Dr. Ibrahim Karim, the founder of
BioGeometry, an emergent scientific field of “the energy of forms” that lies at the
intersection of science and spirituality; and Dr. Robert Gilbert, founder of the
Vesica Institute and a former US Marine Corps Instructor in the field of Nuclear
Biological Chemical Defense with more than 25 years of teaching and working
with detection and protection against harmful radiations.

Roger Lehet 

Roger Lehet is the inventor of the Kimberly™ and Katydid™ gasifier wood stoves and 
Chief Executive Pyromaniac of Unforgettable Fire™. 

Lehet’s fascination with fire began at age six when he discovered the magic of matches in his parent’s garage. By the time he was eighteen Lehet was earning his living by cleaning chimneys, and that led to his retail wood stove business, which he successfully owned and operated for the next 25 years -- until it crashed and burned in the Great Recession. When the Lehet family could not pay their rent after the loss of that business, they sought refuge on a boat moored in Puget Sound. The little wood stove that Roger Lehet invented to keep his family warm, would later be patented as the Kimberly™ wood stove. Lehet’s Katydid™ wood stove was released a couple of years later.

The Kimberly™ and Katydid™ gasifier wood stoves allow users to cook, bake, generate light, generate electricity and heat water on-grid or off-grid with optional add-on accessories. Known for his innovation, Lehet was invited to take his Kimberly™ wood stove and Kd3 prototype wood stove to the 2013 and 2018 Wood Stove Design Challenges in Washington, D.C.  

Given today’s trends towards self-sufficiency and downsizing to smaller living spaces with the urgent need to pay greater respect to the environment, Lehet is a man with the right message, along with the right products for the times.

Alec Zeck
'Health Freedom for Humanity'

Alec Zeck is a speaker, writer, activist, and former Army Captain. He is the Executive Director and Founder of Health Freedom for Humanity, a non profit whose mission is to unite people from all walks of life under one common purpose: the reclamation and defense of health freedom, and the Co-founder of The Way Forward. He received his B.S. in Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Dave Hollister
President & CEO of Sundance Power Systems

Dave has nearly 36 years’ experience in environmental sciences and sustainable
technology – most notably in renewable energy systems.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology from Fort Lewis College.  Dave served as the National Action Coordinator for Greenpeace USA for 9 years and was instrumental in the development and execution of numerous high-profile Direct Actions campaigns. 

For the last 26 years, 
Dave has been working to change the paradigm around energy starting with the creation
of Sundance Power Systems in 1995. His home was the first grid connected solar home in the State of North Carolina. He has served on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association and currently serves as Co-Founder and Board Chair for the Alliance for Energy Democracy. He organized a fundraising effort to build a solar/wind generator which was donated to the Water for Life campaign at Standing Rock.

He helped form the Energy Innovation Task force in Asheville, which
enabled our region to avoid building a natural Gas Peaking Power Plant and helped to create the political will for Asheville and Buncombe County to formally adopt aggressive goals for becoming Carbon Neutral. He is a trailblazer in raising energy consciousness among policy makers and the general public to realize a sustainable future for all beings.

Patrick Clark
Rewilding to Heal

“I went through my own healing crises when I became sick from mold and chemical sensitivities, which compelled me to research and develop a line of outdoor gear made from natural fibers. Part of my healing journey was discovering Ancestral Health and Rewilding, which is a return to the fundamental connection with nature which modern life has lost. 
This includes synchronizing our circadian rhythms, grounding, forest bathing, and a diet which builds thyroid and metabolism. I moved into a tipi for two years to test my ideas, gear and theories about how to merge with nature. 
I came back fired up with my discoveries to introduce wool sleeping bags to the world. And thus, Lucky Sheep was born. I will explain my experiences with how natural fibers keep us warmer, dryer and grounded for more vitality, and how you too can harness the rejuvinatize powers of natura to develop a robust immune system, balance your circadian rhythms, increase you mitochondria, and feel at ease in almost any situation beyond the trailhead.”
Patrick Clark poet, musician, researcher, author, inventor and wellness educator, has introduced several ideas into the Ancestral Health community. His groundbreaking article: Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface is a foundation work which revolutionized much of the Paleo Sphere’s ideas around sleep ergonomics. Patrick has also introduced his line of Body Friendly Furniture he calls Barefoot Office Kits.
Patrick’s latest work has been helping people get outside and experience the healing effects of nature. Specifically he is developing outdoor gear made of natural fibers, including a wool sleeping bag, Patrick has a degree in Outdoor Recreation and also spent years working at one of the first organic bedding companies. He later took his knowledge from the two backgrounds and combined them to invent the world’s first lightweight wool sleeping bag, which he now offers at www.woolsleepingbag.com

Jaydee Azavari
'Ancient Wisdom
for Modern Day Schools'

Jaydee Azavari, Executive Director of the Appalachian Academy of Therapeutic Arts will speak on the creation and founding principles of the only nature-based, free-breathing, therapeutic academy in North Carolina. She will share the reasons behind the endeavor and future aspirations for broadening the vision to all ages through healing arts, super-foods and new models of education. AATA's philosophy integrates ancient wisdom with modern-day discovery, creating a curriculum that contains subjects such as Latin, Harmonic Fluency and Equine Therapy. Jaydee will conclude with ways on how to become involved with the organization and other righteous educational acts of sovereignty. 

Jaydee is fiercely passionate about her work to preserve the sanctity of childhood and autonomy in health for families and children. She has been a home birth midwife, midwifery educator, trained teacher and activist for human rights for over 20 years. Most recently her offerings have moved toward trauma-resolution modalities, including becoming a certified Brainspotting Practitioner, Perinatal Mental Health Consultant, and trained Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructor. Jaydee's unique approach incorporates radical honesty and holding space for true healing even when it may be challenging and uncomfortable, as she believes personal evolution comes when we traverse the darkness, acknowledging this divine energy as our greatest teacher. 

Kendra Adamson
'Ancient Wisdom
for Modern Day Schools'

Kendra is an intuitive, integrated health practitioner with advanced studies and degrees in nutrition, psychology, religion, herbalism, quantum healing, detoxification and world healing traditions. 
Kendra has trained around the world, from the monasteries of Tibet, to the jungles of the Amazon. Kendra combines her love of artistry, kitchen witchery, alchemy, metaphysics and consciousness as an offering to the world. Kendra has raised wolfdogs for 25 years and is additionally raising two wild boys in Weaverville, North Carolina, where she hosts council fires, workshops and runs short term rentals and detox weekend retreats. 
She is the owner of Wolf Zen, a new earth remedy and food apothecary. Kendra teaches shadow alchemy and activations to private clients and consults on complex medical issues to support clearing, health and wellness in the emotional, physical and energetic body. 

Kimberly Schipke, M.S.
The Power of Coherence

Kimberly is the international resource coordinator for the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine and has traveled the world for 12 years studying various approaches to healing. She will be speaking about the biofield - the energy both within and around the body. 

Kimberly will also discuss the benefits of using coherent light through lasers and coherent sound through tuning forks. Kimberly will share her experiences and outcomes from giving coherent input to the body in a "noisy" world. 

Anne Marsh
Co-creating and Celebrating the "Age of Water"

 As we welcome the Age of Water, we start treating water with the respect it deserves in order to change our water and our lives for the better.

Anne Marsh is the co-founder of a water treatment and distribution company that treats water with the respect it deserves. 

Jim Bates
'President and founder of SEND'

My primary objective in life has been to connect people around conversations leading to positive societal change.
An Electrical contractor by trade I have been a long time member of various cooperative organizations. 

Our organization SEND is about the business as project managers of helping to set the table for all participants to manifest their creative capacities in helping to solve the challenges that now face our continued existence on Earth.
Having worked on the Fischerville canal project with Dr.John Todd -
  I have seen firsthand the collective healing power of Nature to clean waste and water cheaper, better and faster than purely human treatments can.

Our current projects under way in southeast Michigan are meant to scale ecological restoration, helping to create meaningful engagement for all participants through growing the circular economy of Nature. We see time and again when natural communities of life are brought together in a nurturing environment they flourish and organize in ever growing complexity to clean their environment.

Our proposed initial projects are currently in the design of ecological waste treatment facilities capable of safe and effective remediation of waste and wastewater. Combined with living building technologies our organization is seeking to help others with their projects while creating meaningful and healing employment through the creation of a family of interdependent craft guilds that can accelerate ecological restoration in the deployment if both rural and urban eco villages designed to restore the carrying capacity of The Earth living communities.

Our long term goal is to help in the design and sensible deployment of these machines throughout each watershed.  

Kimberly Clarke
Hochoka Retreat Center
& Healing with Horses

I have been living and working with horses on my own journey of healing for 45 years.  
We = me & the horses and other farm animals - have been facilitating wellness, stress management, energy work; raising consciousness work for 30 years.  We have established 501(c)(3), a non-profit entity, educational farm and been operating it for over 20 years.  

We are currently developing a new farm in Burke County, NC; which focuses on simplification 
living (tiny house model); and an outdoor alternative school using our HealingWithHorses curriculum and other educational based modules. 

Kimberly Clarke, Director of Hochoka Retreat Center offers private healing sessions to work 
with pain management; energy clearing, raising vibration/frequency; wellness & stress management; yoga & tai chi; heart health through Breathwork retreats and more. 

Hochoka Retreat Center offers day programs; long term retreats; intensive retreats; internships. 
Working with our curriculum-based equine facilitated learning program; also called equine assisted learning, our program focuses on self-awareness; self-growth; consciousness awareness.

Vivian Dantche

Vivian is a specialist in Eco Psychology and Holistic Education. She holds a BA in Comparative World Religions with a specialization in the Far East,
an MA in The Evolution of Human Consciousness, an MA in Depth Psychology, with a specialization in Holistic Health Education, and a PhD in Metaphysics, with a specialization in Integrative Therapies.

     Vivian has extensive training in color, Dream Tending, and Movement Education.

Vivian is the designer and co-creator for the Freedom2Thrive and the Eagle Tiny House Line.

    She and her partner have received awards throughout the country for both Tiny House and edible garden design.

Her background in Holistic Education and healing transfers seamlessly to her specialization in healthy design and the birth of Freedom2Thrive, 
a blueprint for healthy living.

Whitley Bonner
Unity Village

Whitley is a visionary, community builder, connector, and all around enthusiast of many holistic, healing, and consciousness-raising practices. After an intense period of awakening and self-healing, Whitley discovered that within every person lies the freedom and power to be healed and made anew. This new state can only be experienced by looking within. In order to connect with and support others through these awakening and renewing experiences, Whitley co-founded a holistic nature and wellness community. The community sits on over 50 acres of beautiful, wooded land with red clay soil and a natural spring. It is located in Hughes Springs, Texas, which is just over 2.5 hours northeast of Dallas and about an hour southwest of Texarkana. Whitley's team is currently developing spaces and activities for those looking to enjoy and explore an awakened and renewed experience in their day-to-day lives. These spaces and activities will be open to the public starting in 2022.

"The Dream of the New Human"

The Dream of the New Human is about the ways in which the Universe is calling every human into a new, more awakened and true understanding and practice of Love, Freedom, and Community.

Jerry Jerome
"Shaman Water"

It is our mission to provide the general public a pathway to a personal relationship with water, provide access to clean fresh natural water, increase awareness of the practical uses of collected natural water and
facilitate the global proliferation of Shaman Water’s profound products, sacred water methods and ceremonial teachings.


At our festival, we want to encourage the economy of the New Earth. 
ANY festival attendee may display wares or crafts in front of their tent or with a blanket on the green.

Vendor BOOTHS specifically in the Pine Grove Village will be 10x10 pop-up spaces with additional perks and marketing opportunities. You will gain access to promotion, video footage filmed at the event, and year round marketing as our supporter.

*Vendor Booth Spaces are Still Available*

To apply to vend, please click here.

Contact Us
or Volunteer

For general inquiries, or if you would like to bring an element of your co-creation to our Festival - please contact: info@truthseekerswaterfestival.com

For Volunteer Applications please click here.

Community Guidelines

First off, we want you to have an epic time when visiting.
But, we want to keep everyone safe and the property healthy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

RAIN OR SHINE - All ticket sales are final.

BE KIND - Respect your fellow festival goers and do good things. Karma will prevail. For instance; if it’s 4:00am and you feel the need to blast your favorite song for all to hear; maybe think again. People are probably sleeping. So maybe turn down the jams so only you can hear them. Or think about going to sleep. From 10pm until sunrise ENJOY the songs of nature, a conversation around the campfire or watch the stars because you can see the Milky Way from here!  

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL, NOT THIS TIME! - As a global water tribe we have both work to do and FUN to be had. Natural Earth medicines are to each his/her own.
This is not an event in which illegal drugs or alcohol will be allowed.
Please no inebriating spirits, you will feel awkward - so Just Drink Water!

CAMPING - You will be able to camp next to your vehicle. So don't worry about having to carry all your gear to your site. 

RE-ENTRY - Day Tickets have been added, but in order for us to cut down on traffic on the festival grounds, please plan to come and stay for the day and only leave once you are ready to truly depart! Help us to create the best experience for everyone and be mindful of the times you choose to move your vehicle, cut down on unnecessary trips, and stay for as long as you can to enjoy our event!

DRIVING - NO DRIVING on the Grounds unless directed to do so. Park where directed, please. 

TRESPASSING - Please purchase a ticket. They are fairly inexpensive and EVERYBODY can vend so you can make money, there's no excuse. If you are caught on the property without a ticket you will be publicly shamed and asked to leave. You must also respect the property boundaries and not wander to areas that are off-limits. The festival grounds is neighbor to other private property, so be a good neighbor and respect the boundaries!

GLASS - It’s just a bad idea. Find your favorite beverages in reusable plastic bottles so we can spare people who enjoy roaming about with no shoes on. I know we LOVE our glass, just be careful and if you break it CLEAN IT UP COMPLETELY, please.   

DAY TICKETS - Day tickets are now available!
Please try to minimize your travel to and from the property so we can maintain a serene atmosphere without too much back and forth traffic.

DAY OF EVENT TICKETS - There will be no ticket sales at the gate. Grab them here before they are gone. We only have 500 in-person tickets!
 After we Sell Out you can purchase an online ticket and watch us LIVE STREAMING the whole Festival 24/7 for the entire 4 days. $20
($5 a day to join via internet)

TRASH - ** THIS IS A SUSTAINABLE EVENT** Please no Styrofoam and please limit your use of single-use plastic; bring a reusable water bottle and plate/dish ware if you’re making your own food. We require all in attending to respect the land. Everything you bring in you bring out. This is a leave no trace event. EVERYTHING out, there is no trash service.

DOGS - There will be a limited number of $25 dog passes available for friendly, non-barking, well-behaved dogs. They will need to be on a leash unless on the river. Please pick up after them. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your pet's actions. You know whether your dog is a good fit to bring to this event. Do everyone a favor, be honest with yourself and leave them at home if they aren’t. That way we won’t be in an awkward situation when we ask you to leave because your dog is a problem. If everyone can follow these guidelines we can allow pets at the festival next year!

FAMILY FRIENDLY - there will be a kids community & activities geared towards kids.
THERE WILL NOT BE CHILDCARE. YOU are reasonability for your children. There is NO life guard so please bring swimming floaties for children who need help swimming.

SWIMMING - No swimming in the ponds. The banks are very soft and there is submerged debris that can be dangerous. The Toe River itself is public property. You enter the river at your own risk. There are strong currents and dangerous rock outcroppings. Do not jump off rocks or trees into the river. NEVER swim alone or at night. Move slowly along river trails.

FISHING - No fishing in the ponds, we are trying to re-establish the fish population and keep them healthy. Fishing in the river is fine just watch out for others. 

FIRES - First off and most importantly; NO FIRES OF ANY KIND IN OR NEAR THE PINE GROVE, it is very flammable. Secondly; there will be a communal bonfire near the main stage. We would love to have you there.
If that’s not your thing and you want a fire at your campsite, please use a raised fire pit in which the fire is contained. If your unconfined fire poses a risk,
Event Staff may require you to put out your fire.

NO - fireworks, motorized vehicles, drugs, alcohol, weapons or bad attitudes.

CELL SERVICE - There is a strong signal on the top half of the property but very weak near the river valley.

TICKS - We are out in nature! If you feel you might have gotten a tick bite, have someone help you take a look.

EMERGENCY ROOM - The nearest emergency room is located nearly 30 minutes away at 125 HOSPITAL DR SPRUCE PINE, NC, 28777

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